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[IP] Disetronic.

From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] 4 different pump companies

In a message dated 1/26/02 3:47:04 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< <A HREF="http://www.disetronic-usa.com/">Disetronic-usa.com</A> >>

They have a concern that thier pumps crack and leak in water and freak out
and over dose you has any one heard that on thier web site?  (when bathing
or swimming)

----------My two cents------------------------------------------------------
Still a good pump like the others.
Have also noticed the reporting parties about the 'waterproof issue' didn't
even submit their pumps for inspection...One did, but the others have not.

Also, be aware that numerous attempts to repeat the trouble. Tried and
tried, and the alleged problem hasn't reared it's head since.

Swimming, bathing and showering with mine for all it's life and three years
into my new ones (eight years roughly total) with no incident.

Jenny Sutherland
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