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RE: [IP] twins

I didn't get your private email address, but will be glad to correspond
with you.  I had twins 12 yrs ago.  I have been diabetic for 15 1/2.  It
can be done, but get ready, and hold on tight!  I am a walking medical
book with regard to preg.(I have 4 daughters--the twins were 1st,I was
22.)  I was not on a pump, but took 4 shots a day.  Checked BG about
10-12 times a day for the first trimester.  It is the most imp. part of
the preg. with regard to health of both babies.  They will do
ultrasounds on you regularly.  I had 7. I delivered at 36 weeks.
Diabetics have a problem with undeveloped lungs(you may know this) but
twins' lungs develop faster because they likely deliver early. It's that
mother nature at work.  You will likely have to take it very easy--I was
on bedrest for 5 months.  I had preterm labor beginning at 30 weeks.  I
took meds for 6 weeks and had great babies.  My control was good, ---the
hormones that drive you crazy the first 12 weeks will settle down and
you will have the best BG you have ever had or will ever have again.  My
A1Cs were at less than 4, and my endo did them every 8 weeks.  Your endo
will have to work with your OB.  Mine wrote letters and called on the
phone a lot.  They were both there for the section.  Chances are you
will get a section as well.  My high risk OB is very conservative.  All
you want though are healthy babies, regardless of how they arrive on

I can't tell you about being on a pump, but being on MDI was much easier
during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  Get ready for a huge increase in
insulin requirements.  I topped out at 165 a day.  The placentas(most
likely you have 2---you hope for two because the babies thrive better
with their own)produce massive amounts of hormones/enzymes that
counteract your insulin.  At the end the placentas are so big that the
insulin resistance is unbelievable.  I started each day with a whopping
65 units.  Also, do NOT take your bolus on delivery day.  I did, not
realizing I was in labor(back labor--this was my first preg.) and my
babies both had to have IVs.  They bottomed out about 26 or so.

I am sure you get the hormone thing with the morning sickness being so
bad. Maybe the sickness has kept you from eating and therefore kept your
sugars low.

I am very excited for you!  It will be an experience like no other.  If
you have questions, I will do my best to answer them.  You are in for a

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