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Re: [IP] Re: square or dual bolus?

> I'd been on the list for less than a week and have
> gathered lots of really useful advice already --
> thanks everyone! :-) Would love some advice on a
> thorny problem I've had with handling my blood sugars
> around breakfast time. 
> My typical a.m. blood sugar is usually pretty good
> (85-95). Since I have a pretty dramatic reaction to
> milk, I give a 4.0 square bolus 15 minutes before I
> eat 1 c. Cheerios w/milk.

It's the Cheerios. Cheerios is a high glycemic food as are many 
highly refined grain products. The starch in them is converted to 
glucose very rapidly. If you eat "junk food" cereal loaded with 
complex sugars, you will probably have a nice smooth post-prandial 
ride since the complex sugars take more time to digest than the 

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