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Re: [IP] Re: square or dual bolus?

At 02:16 PM 1/26/02, you wrote:

>Many of us have the same problem who eat cereal for
>breakfast. My endo is sure that this would be solved
>by adding toast or an egg to my breakfast, but I can't
>stomach it in the morning.
>Michael addressed this a few months ago and I kept the
>email. I hope he doesn't mind if I paste it in here:


>With this advice, now I can take a little less insulin
>at breakfast and avoid crashing.Good luck.

What I did was add fiber to my breakfast which helped slow down the 
absorption of carbs.  Since I'm not into the "sticks and twigs" sort of 
cereal, I usually have a glass of metamucil with breakfast.  This has help 
me from spiking after breakfast and crashing later.

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