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Re: [IP] Re: square or dual bolus?

> My typical a.m. blood sugar is usually pretty good
> (85-95). Since I have a pretty dramatic reaction to
> milk, I give a 4.0 square bolus 15 minutes before I
> eat 1 c. Cheerios w/milk. From there, I shoot up
> dramatically (180 - 250) and am then low (50 - 60)
> less than two hours later. 

Many of us have the same problem who eat cereal for
breakfast. My endo is sure that this would be solved
by adding toast or an egg to my breakfast, but I can't
stomach it in the morning.
Michael addressed this a few months ago and I kept the
email. I hope he doesn't mind if I paste it in here:
Michael said:

try a "high sugar" cereal or squirting a little honey
on it. The 
"junk food" cereal or the honey take longer to digest
because the 
complex sugars require more processing before they can
be converted 
to glucose. Highly refined cereal (starch) is
converted more quickly 
to glucose than the complex sugars contained in the
junk food 
variety of breakfast foods

With this advice, now I can take a little less insulin
at breakfast and avoid crashing.Good luck.

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