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[IP] Re: Infusion sets in stomach area (Cindi)

Cindi wrote:

>I have never been able to take shots in my stomach (I think this problem 
>is in my head!).

I too, never took shots in my stomach while on MDI.  Once I got over the 
initial fear of it (and the fact that it really wasn't a shot, but 
something a bit different) I was able to insert the infusion sets without 
too much difficulty.  And, the fact the I really wanted to pump, made the 
difference too.  I was also told that it was to my advantage to not have 
taken shots in my stomach since I would have less scar tissue there.  Btw, 
depending on which infusion set you choose, you can insert in other places 
besides the stomach.  Some pumpers use thighs, hips, arms, backs and 
derrieres (to mention a few)...  You can go to 
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto/setspots.shtml to see other locations 
for infusion sets.  YMMV.

Pumping for almost 2 years and not regretting a second of it!
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