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Re: [IP] Six Year Old Wetting the Bed

>>>My 6 year old daughter has been pumping for 2 months.  The very first
night of pumping she wet the bed, which was unusual for her.  She has been
wetting the bed almost every night since she has started pumping.  I wonder
if any other kids went through this?

On shots, Laura would only wet the bed if her sugar was high - over 200. Now
she wets even with good bgs.  I have started taking her to the bathroom at
midnight, but she is sometimes already wet by then. It seems strange to me
that this problem started the very day that we started pumping. Liz>>>


This could very well be a *plumbing* problem. She might need to see a
urologist; sometimes things are wired incorrectly. Please get her help. It's
frustrating for you, but I imagine it's realllllllly affecting her psyche,
too. (~_^)

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