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[IP] Re: square or dual bolus?

I'd been on the list for less than a week and have
gathered lots of really useful advice already --
thanks everyone! :-) Would love some advice on a
thorny problem I've had with handling my blood sugars
around breakfast time. 

My typical a.m. blood sugar is usually pretty good
(85-95). Since I have a pretty dramatic reaction to
milk, I give a 4.0 square bolus 15 minutes before I
eat 1 c. Cheerios w/milk. From there, I shoot up
dramatically (180 - 250) and am then low (50 - 60)
less than two hours later. However, if I square bolus
less than 4.0, I don't get the low, but my b.s. never
comes down from the 180-200 level. If I do a smaller
normal bolus, I don't get the spike immediately, but
end up at the 180-200 level within the hour and stay

Would a smaller dual bolus help curb the 'spike'? I've
changed my basal rates to reflect this trend, but it
hasn't really helped. And frankly, I'd rather deal
with this using the bolus since I'm now up to 7 basal
rates... :-( 

Cheers all -

Lauren Selikoff

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