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[IP] Paradigm

Hi guys

I saw the paradigm pump this last thursday night at a mini-med sponsored
advanced pump class.

This is a very cool little pump. Even I can see the display ( old guy eyes)..

very intuitive, like using a PC. No more resetting your total insulin in the
pump it does it automatically.Primes itself automatically.

was explained to me that if you needed more insulin than the pump holds, you
just add more to the syringe ,no air bubbles..I dont quite know how this works
but im sure they have it figured out.

No clicking.( i'll miss this)
AAA battery ( yippee)
water resistant, the one I saw was blue and looked as though it was very
solid. (Heavy plastic)The syringe unscrews on one end and the battery does the
same from the other end....

anyway im lookin foreward to it....was told the national meeting is on
Valentines Day, and the announcement will be made then as to shipping

Bob Q
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