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Re:[IP] Endometriosis & Pain

> >From what I understand(I have asked a lot of women and the dr.) the HRT
> dosage is so minute that it makes no difference in endo. and also in BG.
> I have been dealing with the pain for yrs. and my dr. says it may go on
> for another 15.  I am trying to work out childcare for 4 girls while I
> recuperate.
> That is a job in itself.
> I will keep asking and researching to see what the best idea is.  I am
> going to the dr. on Wed.  Hopefully, he can help.  Thanks so much!


I had severe endometriosis for 15 years - 'bout hemorrhaged every month. I
was very anemic. I had a hysterectomy due to that 11/79. Surgeon was going
to try to save my ovaries, but they were too diseased with something that
started with *a*. My problems were concentrated in my uterus. I got a
hormone shot about a week later and I blame that for an *undetected* (had a
fancy name) pre-blood clot in my lungs. A few weeks later I was put on pills
and we have settled on .625 Premarin, 25 days a month. I have had no pain
since that time - at least attributed to THAT! I do not notice anything
unusual with my BGs the week I do not take HRT. YMMV (~_^)

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