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Re:[IP] cataract surgery - prefilled resv.?

> I wrote earlier that I have 20/200 vision in my left eye but did not
> that I have no vision in my right eye.  I am concerned that when I have
> cataract surgery, I will not be able to see to operate my pump.  I was
> suggested that I prefill a resv. because it will be hard to read it.  I
> I should be able to operate the pump it self.  I have never paid much
> attention to prefilling resv..  If I prefill them, how do I store them?
Do I
> leave the needle on with the cap and store them upright in a container in
> frig?  No clue here.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> kdkienle


I have a digest to go yet, but I was the one who suggested pre-filling a
reservoir. In 97 I had 20/400 vision WITH glasses for about 8 months.
Hugsband was driving a truck and I was alone most of the time. We prefilled
reservoirs/tubing for me, as well as b'fst syringes, lunch syringes, and
dinner syringes to cover ALL bases. I stored those in butter dishes in the
bathroom (no children) with LARGE writing on each dish so I would grab the
right one. The pre-filled reservoir/tubing were also in the bathroom. I
always keep the vial of insulin in use on the countertop, therefore, the
reservoir and syringes would remain at room temp also. This helps prevent
air bubbles from forming due to temp change. Any more Q's, you can e-mail
me. (~_^)

\)/ Jan - who just got back from Toledo helping hugsband return the semi to
start a new job Monday.
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