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Re: [IP] Questions Re Use of Temp Basal Vs. Basal Profile

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002 10:27:46 -0700 "Lori Smith" <email @ redacted> 
>I have some questions concerning how and when to use the variable
>'basal profile' vs the 'temp basal' feature in relation to preventing lows
>during and after vigorous exercise.

The only way you are going to arrive at basal profiles and temp basal
rates that WORK for YOUR DAUGHTER is by experimenting and tweaking.
Every diabetic is different, so noone else's answer is going to be
exactly right for your daughter. Although it may seem to slow down
your progress toward your goal of finding what works best, it's
important to keep in mind that you should only change one thing at a
time. Otherwise, if you change two or more things you won't know which
one worked and which one didn't. It's going to require a lot of
testing until you arrive at the answer. Then it will only require
occasional testing so you will be able to make changes when your
daughter's requirements change. And if your daughter is 12, it seems
like a sure thing that her requirements will change.

In reading your message I get the impression that you have only tried
reducing basals by 0.1. That's a good way to start, but don't feel
that you're limited to 0.1 unless it turns out that a change of 0.1
actually produces the result that you are looking for. If you find
that a temp basal needs to be started during a basal pattern that you
are trying, the next step is to incorporate the temp basal pattern
into the pattern so the pattern will be able to work by itself. Also,
it is well known that the low blood sugar pattern may last for many
hours after the end of the exercise.

> If you use this feature [temp basal] after exercise, how long do you keep it
on?  One hour, four hours, etc.?

There's no easy answer to this until you have experimented and found
what works for YOUR daughter. It's going to be a lot of work, but if
you persevere I'm sure your daughter will be very thankful to you for
all the help you have given her.

Tom Beatson
Bicycle rider
dx 1942, 506 pump 1995, 508 pump 2000
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