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Re: [IP] Eye Allergy

I would let the opthamologist determine if she has alergy problems 
 before letting an optmetrist.  I believe they are more in tune with a 
diabetics eyes first.

Santos, Elizabeth wrote:

>Last week I took my daughter to the eye doctor because she wanted to be
>fitted for eye contacts.  After checking my daughter, the doctor said that
>she wouldn't make a good candidate because she has an allergy in her eye
>that causes her to have bumps.   This will probably cause the contacts to
>move around and cause discomfort.  But my daughter insisted on trying them
>out, so the doctor prescribed them to her, and to this day she is doing fine
>with them.   The doctor has no idea what is causing her eye allergies.
>I was wondering if insulin would cause allergies.  She has diabetes now for
>almost two years has been wearing glasses and every year before she was
>diabetic she went and had an eye exam and the doctor never saw this allergy
>until she became diabetic.
>Thanks for any and all info.
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