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RE: [IP] Endometriosis & Pain

Thank you for your reply.  I would prefer to take the Lupron
injections(the ones that stop your periods, dry up the endo.)I have
taken the monthly inj.(1992-following laser surgery for endo)It really
did a great job.  I recently took Lupron depot(inj once every 3 months).
The cost is the problem. My insurance company will pay 1/2 of the $1270
for the depot every 3 months.  That means I am paying about $675 every 3
months.  I could take the shots(I know I lose 10% bone mass every 6
months on this therapy.), but I just feel like a hysterectomy would be
cheaper, thanks to the fruity insurance company.

>From what I understand(I have asked a lot of women and the dr.) the HRT
dosage is so minute that it makes no difference in endo. and also in BG.

I have been dealing with the pain for yrs. and my dr. says it may go on
for another 15.  I am trying to work out childcare for 4 girls while I
That is a job in itself.

I will keep asking and researching to see what the best idea is.  I am
going to the dr. on Wed.  Hopefully, he can help.  Thanks so much!

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