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re: [IP] swimming and pumping

> Annie,
> we (myself and a few others) talked about swimming the other night
> in the chat room. while I don't swim USMS anymore, I do still swim
> about 2500 yds a night at a pretty intensive clip. Sometimes my
> sugar drops if i give a little bolus to cover my normal basal rate,
> and other times it goes up from 90 to 140. I'm not complaining about
> that, but concerned, i looked over my logs and it appears to be
> related to how long before my workout I eat. If i eat a yogurt and
> banana about 1.5 hours before my swim, it seems to stay stable with
> the smalll bolus. Any insight you have i wuld appreciate hearing. DC
It is thought that the small snack before exercise + bolus increases 
the available concentration of insulin in the blood stream that is 
available for muscles used while swimming. If there is not enough 
insulin available for the muscles they can't convert glucose to 
energy and signal the liver to release more -- you get a high.

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