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Re: [IP] Questions Re Use of Temp Basal Vs. Basal Profile

> We've just recently discovered using different basal profiles during
> tourament weekends. We've set up 'Pattern A'  (a .10 drop from each
> standard basal rate) to use on Day 2 of tournaments. We go to
> 'Pattern B' on Day 3 of tournaments (again a .10 drop in basals from
> Pattern A). This practice has been more successful than not, but
> we've still been headed for lows in the night and had to switch to a
> temporary basal within the modified profile itself. It requires a
> tremendous amount of middle of the night monitoring by my husband
> and myself during those tournament nights, and I wondered if there's
> an easier way to avoid those potential lows.
> I have some questions concerning how and when to use the variable
> basal 'profile' vs the 'temp basal' feature in relation to
> preventing lows during and after vigorous exercise. My 12 year
> daughter is using the MiniMed 508 but we're relatively new to the
> pump, having started just three months ago. She is very active in
> sports (basketball, soccer, ringette) and fairly regularly,we're
> involved in tournaments that involve a lot of intense exercise (i.e.
> five or six games over a two to three day weekend).

Lily used a similar scheme when she played tournaments, dropping her 
night time basals 0.1 or 0.2 -- depending on the exhaustion factor 
for nights and 0.1 during the day for the entire tournament period. 
this worked pretty well but I always checked her at 2-3 in the 
morning. Usually she was ok, but there were those occasional times 
when lows still occured. Lily's basals were always set to allow for a 
25 - 50 point average rise in bg's during the night.

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