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Re: [IP] skiing and pumping

> Thanks to everyone for the responses to my skiing and pumping woes!
> John, I neglected to mention in my profile that part of my problem
> may be that I'm a new skiier and I fall a lot ;-). 
> Last time I went skiing I used a ton of tape and that seemed to work
> better (at least the set didn't fall out), although I still had some
> unexplained high blood sugars during the day which were,
> unfortunately, followed by a 'crash' - 38 reading - two hours after
> I stopped skiing. 
> I usually use Micros, but MM was nice enough to trade some of those
> for the longer sets, which seems to be working better as well.
> Unfortunately, while I have no problems running with my pump, skiing
> has not been as easy. But I'll keep trying! John - would love to
> hear how you did!

I would think you would have much better luck with Silohuetts for the 
high level physical activity (falling down :-). My daughter used 
SofSets for a very long time but finally got tired of all the extra 
tape needed to keep them on for her sports activities. She switched 
exclusively to the Sil/Tender/Comfort set several years ago.

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