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Re: [IP] Steroid Highs

> The steroid highs sometimes cannot be handled by throwing more
> insulin at it.  We've been trying for a couple weeks, and are not
> able to correct our 12yo's highs, despite largely increased basals
> and bolases. She's on nasal sprays and inhalants with steroids.  I
> finally took her off a week ago (when 90 units a day didn't handle
> it, I gave up) and last night for the first time she held a
> correction - even so, on largely increased doses! Am seeing
> Allergist today and asking if there is anything else we can use to
> control her allergies. 

There may be other things going on. Steriods can increase appetite 
and trigger other hormonal changes. Since she's 12, this could also 
be combined with a growth spurt. Lily was using 90 units a day at one 
point and was perfectly healthy -- growing like a weed, but healthy. 
This decreased over a couple of months to 60u/day, and now (age 18) 
is only 30u/day. Based on a sample of one, I would surmise that there 
are at least TWO things contributing to the high bg's.

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