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[IP] Endometriosis & Pain

Regarding your comments:

"I could deal with the pain and discomfort, but I cannot deal with the
absolutely uncontrollable bg."

I feel obligated to inform you that a hysterectomy MAY NOT WORK to control
or eliminate the pain of endometriosis (or improve your b.g's).  I had an
undiagnosed cyst burst near an ovary a few years ago and was in crippling
abdominal pain (which felt much like my endometriosis, but didn't go away
for 6 weeks) and attended a few sessions of an endometriosis support group.
Fortunately, the pain resolved to our "monthly tolerable (with NSAIDs &
codeine) levels.  Here's what I found out:

MANY MANY women in the support group clearly and repeatedly told us that
hysterectomy did not fully rid them of pain.  3 in the group of 14 went
further - saying that it made no difference whatsoever to the pain level.
This, they feel, is because the endo. tissue travels to areas outside the
uterus (as you probably know) and that as long as you take H.R.T. (hormone
replacement therapy) the pain will continue... the tissues will continue to
migrate and the endometriosis will not improve.

4 of the women present took meds (not birth control) which prevents the
menstrual cycle.  They DID get substantial relief BUT the meds are only
advisable to take for 3 years tops.

Finally, menopause (absence of hormones and H.R.T.) does bring relief -
however - b.g's will be unpredictable during the adjustment to female
hormone absence.  AFTER your body has adjusted to no estrogen/progesterone,
you should be fine.  Hysterectomy will certainly remove your ovaries (along
with your hormones) but most likely will NOT work for endometriosis pain
unless you abstain from H.R.T.

Please do a little research before committing to surgery.  Perhaps there is
a support group in your area?

BTW, I empathize with the pain of endometriosis.  I know exactly how you
feel.  Mine only lasts 2 or 3 days out of every 28...but let me tell ya,
girl, during the depths of the pain I have absolutely considered surgical
removal of my cranky uterus & ovaries :)

SO: if you opt for the surgery, be prepared to "suffer" with menopause
symptoms and fluctuating (high) b.g's till your body adapts to lack of
hormones.  H.R.T. will rid you of neither problem you hope to solve.  A
laser-burn-out of existing endo. tissue whilst they are performing the
hysterectomy was highly recommended by the group.  As well, find an EXPERT
in edno laser treatment as your surgeon. Good luck!
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