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[IP] Infusion site troubles

I thought I would add my troubles with everyone else's and see if anyone has
any advice.

Currently using Sils w/ inserter have also tried Sofsets and Quicksets. I am
running into sites that hurt upon insertion and continue to do so, or they
may start after awhile. My bs stays good throughout the 3 days I leave a
site in, but the site becomes a pain. I have tried my upper and lower
abdomen and rear. Sites in my thigh work OK, if I get it in the right spot,
when I was using the 90 angle sets I could not use my thighs at all b/c of
burning during boluses. With the Sils they work OK, put getting the tape to
stay put is a trick even though I use Mastisol.

The problems I have with abdomen/rear are - a lot of pain on insertion,
enough to make me remove site and try again, or continuos pain after
insertion that gets to a point where I almost can't stand it any longer,
burning during boluses, itching/redness, and a couple of times blood has
entered the tubing. I know these are probably things the majority of us have
ran into from time to time, but it seems like I can't do a site change
without something happening and I have run out of the tricks I know. I am
being to feel sorry for my poor husband, I think I could break his fingers
while holding onto his hand for support during site changes lol. 

After I remove sites on my abdomen I occasionally have bleeding and
everytime there is a pretty good size lump under my skin which takes a few
days to go away. I also can feel scar tissue building up eventhough I never
used my abdomen for MDI and I have only been pumping a year and a half
(yeah!). I feel like I am running out of areas to use and it is scaring me.
My endo could only suggest changing every 2 days and I don't think that will
do much good.

Are their any tips/tricks/advice from the pros who have BTDT? 


Jennifer Meyer and Cookie Monster
dx 1-91/pumping 9-00
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