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Re: [IP] Need Help Re: Ultraflex Soft Infusion Sets

> I just started pump therapy last weekend, and I need some advice on
> the Ultraflex Soft infusion sets (8mm) made by Disetronic.  My first
> infusion site was on the buttock, but away from pants pockets and
> seams. After a few hours, the site occluded.  I changed the infusion
> set and placed it on my abdomen below the belt line, and within a
> few hours the same thing happened.  When I pulled the cannulas out,
> they were bent.
> Since then, I've relied on the rapid sets, and I've experienced no
> problems.  I'm grateful things are working well, but it sure would
> be nice to disconnect for showering.  
> Can anyone post some advice as to what I might be doing wrong?  
You might not be doing anything wrong. Repeated bending of cannulas 
is more likely to be the result of the movement of the tissue and 
muscles where the site is inserted. You might try switching to a 
different type of set. The Tender/Sil/Comfort set inserts parallel to 
the skin rather than perpendicular and may be more suitable for you. 
Get a couple of samples and give it the a try.

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