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Re: [IP] More insulin for a high "Glycemic index" food

<< This is what he wrote to me:
<<<It seems to me pretty obvious that a T1 (or T2) diabetic needs to take more
insulin when eating a GI rather than a low GI food so that you do not spike

While I feel that insulin needs are the same for all foods based on carbs,
just that the higher GI foods will have a higher post meal spike, but if more
insulin would be administered it will crash low later. >>

Rabbi Meisels,

Based on my own experience, I completely disagree with Mendosa.  My 
experience jives with yours:  If I give extra for a high GI food, I will most 
definitely crash post-meal.

I have also found that I can eat higher GI foods with no problem if I combine 
them with other foods that have more of a stabilizing effect on my BG.  For 
example, I eat a lot of potatoes, but I usually top them with something like 
black beans and salsa.  I weigh the potato and use its carb factor to figure 
out my insulin dose, and I am just fine post-prandially.

When I want to eat a high GI food alone, I simply give my bolus 20-30 minutes 
earlier and that works fine for me.

Just my experience.

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