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[IP] Ultraflex Sets

I was using the Silhouette/Comfort and had crimped sets and blood in cannula
many times - even in the first day a lot of times (I exercise a lot and I am
thin which led me to believe it was going in way to far(?)).  I switched to
the shortest Ultraflex set and have had no problems at all with crimping and
bleeding.  (I also don't have any "after-effect" spots from this set)  After
the needle punctures the skin you need to push right on the part with the
needle in it to make a good insertion.  Out of chance would be you pushing on
any other part of the set for insertion instead of the cap on the needle?
Just a thought.
I also tried the quickset at the same time at the ultraflex, and totally
opposite of RoseLea's comment below I could not get them to insert at all.  It
must be the difference in the type of skin we all have!  I tried the quickset
on four different occasions - trying to slowly push the set in, trying from a
ways away and throwing it at my skin like a dart to get it in; all with no
luck - I never was able to get any of them through my skin.  With the
ultraflex I have had no problems - I just insert them all slowly and firmly.
Keep trying - you will find the set that works best for you!

Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 22:38:24 -0500
From: RoseLea <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: IP] Need Help Re: Ultraflex Soft Infusion Sets

>I just started pump therapy last weekend, and I need some advice on the
>Ultraflex Soft infusion sets (8mm) made by Disetronic. My first infusion
>site was on the buttock, but away from pants pockets and seams. After a
>few hours, the site occluded. I changed the infusion set and placed it on
>my abdomen below the belt line, and within a few hours the same thing
>happened. When I pulled the cannulas out, they were bent.
>Shannon Cavers "Newbie" Pumper


I've had poor success with the UltraFlex (10mm), which is why I switched to
the MiniMed QuickSets (9mm).  They seem to work much better for me.  In my
experience, the QuickSets seem to insert much easier and more smoothly than
do the UltraFlex.  You might want to give them a try, you can call MiniMed
for some samples.  They are similar to the rapids, with a cannula rather
than a needle and they do disconnect.  The disconnection is a little tricky
to get used to, since you need to turn them, but once you get the hang of
it, they work pretty good.  YMMV.

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