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[IP] Connection Problems

Out of curiousity was your reading the "same" both days before breakfast
and/or did you eat breakfast at close to the same time each day?  If I have a
"high" reading at breakfast (from an unknown "low" during the night or from
something "bad" I ate the night before) I will have the same problem you had
with breakfast.  Even when giving the proper "correction" amount along with
the breakfast bolus, I would still usually be high after breakfast.  My dawn
phen. rise is VERY strong and if I DO wake up with a high reading it usually
takes almost "double" the correction bolus and "extra" time to get myself back
to the correct level.  Any other time during the day I can correct much

>Right now I am using 6mm Quick-Set infusion sets. Sometimes the connections
>are great and sometimes they don't work that well. For example, yesterday I
>bolused 6.5 units of Humalog for breakfast and it gave me a good post-meal
>blood sugar. Today, after exactly the same breakfast and the same connection
>still in place, I bolused 6.5 and ended up at 280 mg/dL. I had to add
>supplemental boluses of 1.5 to bring me down to 150mg/dL for lunch.
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