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Re: [IP] Need Help Re: Ultraflex Soft Infusion Sets

In a message dated 1/24/02 3:40:53 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I just started pump therapy last weekend, and I need some advice on the
> Ultraflex Soft infusion sets (8mm) made by Disetronic.  My first
> infusion site was on the buttock, but away from pants pockets and seams.
> After a few hours, the site occluded.  I changed the infusion set and
> placed it on my abdomen below the belt line, and within a few hours the
> same thing happened.  When I pulled the cannulas out, they were bent.
> Since then, I've relied on the rapid sets, and I've experienced no
> problems.  I'm grateful things are working well, but it sure would be
> nice to disconnect for showering.  
> Can anyone post some advice as to what I might be doing wrong?  

Shannon I have used Ultra flex for a few months and have yet to have any 
problem. Are you putting the needle in at an angle? it does need to be 90 
degree's when you insert. Roger C
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