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RE: [IP] Raynauds Syndrome

Liz, I started w/neuropathy when I was 15 2 years after I became diabetic in
my legs.  After I had my children, it got progressively worse.

How can I explain it?  Sometimes it is a burning, stabbing pain or like a
hot knife going through you.  Other times it is a tingling or a burning,
sort of like falling asleep...and other times I feel like things are
crawling all over me.

I suffer from neuropathy in all my extremities and sometimes it's really bad
and other times I can tolerate it.  I also have neuropathy up to the top of
my head.  I believe others have written about this, excessive sweating
during and after eating.  It is embarassing, but after many years, I finally
found an article in one of the diab. magazines that this was yet another
form of neuropathy.

I always joke that I have it from head to toe but literally I do and now,
most probably in my stomach as well....

You speak of a lot of numbness...have you been checked for carpal tunnel?
It sounds like you might also have that as well since that produces more of
a numbness and tingling than the neuropathy.  The carpal is not in your
pinky though...this confused my hand specialist in NY until he read my EMI
is it called?  I forget what it is called but it is a test where they stick
needles in you at different points and send electrodes from point a to b and
measure the time it takes for response.

Don't hold back anything from the neurologist so he/she can give you a very
accurate diagnosis.

What helps me and I only take them when pain is so severe I want to jump out
a window is carbomazapine (a generic) which is actually for people who have
seizures or neuralgia...it sort of sooths the nerve endings but it calms the
pain down enough so I can get some sleep.

I find that exercise helps a lot and as long as I'm moving it's not as bad
as when I'm sitting.  Hands and legs are my worst.

Hope this helps.
Kathy B.
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