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Re: [IP] Re: IP] Need Help Re: Ultraflex Soft Infusion Sets

On 24 Jan 2002 at 22:38, RoseLea wrote:

> >I just started pump therapy last weekend, and I need some advice on the
> >Ultraflex Soft infusion sets (8mm) made by Disetronic. My first infusion site
> >was on the buttock, but away from pants pockets and seams. After a few hours,
> >the site occluded. I changed the infusion set and placed it on my abdomen
> >below the belt line, and within a few hours the same thing happened. When I
> >pulled the cannulas out, they were bent. Shannon Cavers "Newbie" Pumper
> I've had poor success with the UltraFlex (10mm), which is why I switched to
> the MiniMed QuickSets (9mm).  They seem to work much better for me.  In my
> experience, the QuickSets seem to insert much easier and more smoothly than do
> the UltraFlex.  You might want to give them a try, you can call MiniMed for
> some samples.  They are similar to the rapids, with a cannula rather than a
> needle and they do disconnect.  The disconnection is a little tricky to get
> used to, since you need to turn them, but once you get the hang of it, they
> work pretty good.  YMMV.
> RoseLea

I tried the QuickSets 9mm and had some kinking with them, but more of a problem with bruising around the insertion site.  It seemed to follow a pattern of the plastic base 
of the set.  I've also used the Ultraflex 8mm and as long as I support the insertion needle and push straight in without hesitation, I seem to have no problem, no kinking 
experienced so far (26 sets).  My alternate set is the Rapid 6mm, and I use this in my arms to give the abdomen a break.  Occasionally I do use the upper hip as a site 
(with Rapids or Ultraflex 8mm), and if it is placed properly (not rubbing when seated) it works fairly well.

I think with more experimentation in your insertion style and in set placement, you will find your "perfect spot".  If below the waist always causes problems, try above.     :>)

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