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[IP] talking to children about diabetes

When my daughter was 2 years old (she's 18 yrs.old  now) she saved my life
because I DID talk to her about my diabetes.  I told her that if Mommy ever
acted funny and couldn't talk right, to give me some cookies or something
sweet.  I figured that if my BG was high, I would know it myself since I
checked my BG regularly.  However, a low could come on suddenly and I wanted
her to be able to help.  One afternoon I had a low sooooo bad that I couldn't
even think to get something to eat.  She climbed on a stool and got the
vanilla wafers and brought them to me.  She then proceeded to feed them to me.
If I would have waited for my husband to get home (probably 4-6 more hours), I
may not be here today.  I never spoke to her about diabetes in a way to scare
her, just to enable her.  It was a calm, matter-of-fact way that I would speak
to her about diabetes.  Children pick up our mood more than the words we say.
If we're calm when we speak to them, they will know that there is nothing to
be afraid of.
Please talk to your young children.  You never know!
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