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RE: [IP] Raynauds Syndrome

At 10:26 PM 1/24/02 -0500, you wrote:
 >Lots of people thought I had Raynauds Syndrome because my hands and feet are
 >always cold....but I had a friend back in Staten Island who had it and my
 >problem (neuropathy) wasn't similar at all.
 >Her fingers used to actually turn blue and were like ice and painful.
 >Kathy B.

So what does neuropathy actually feel like for you, Kathy?  I've had 
diabetes for over thirty years now and no-one's ever told me anything more 
specific than burning and tingling.  When I was young (1 to 2 years after 
dx) I'd wake up and try to scratch an itch on my nose and end up slamming 
myself in the face because my arm and hand were so numb.  Even now my hands 
go numb when I'm sleeping or pushing a baby carriage or shopping cart, or 
driving the car in certain positions.  If I shake them vigorously the 
feeling comes back pretty quickly.

I suspect and hope that the problem may actually be a form of RSI, which 
also causes cold hands, by the way.  I do have a referral to a neurologist, 
but I'd be very grateful for your feedback in the meantime.

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