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WOW - I am shoched by my blood sugars today!!  It's been a hectic stressful 
day - havn't had much time to do anything but work all day and not much to 
eat.  This has been my day as follows:

    8am - 210 - ate 1 cup Cheerios w/milk - 3 units of Humalog
    Noon - 146 - ate bowl of soup, apple and Diet Coke - 2 units
    1:30pm - ate 1/2 Snickers candy bar 2 unit bolus
    5:30pm - 590!!! - 2.5 units - NO MORE CANDY BARS!!!!!
    7:15 - 97!!! - ate apple

I have never really realized how fast the Humalog really works.  I am still a 
"brittle" diabetic with the pump but it is so much easier to control the 
highs and lows.  The high this afternoon was partly my own fault for mot 
giving enough to cover my "cheat" but I knew I wasn't going to be around my 
machine to be able to check my sugar so I didn;t give enough to cover the 

I was in the middle of making my husband dinner and would never have thought 
to check not quite 2 hours from correction bolus but I was getting hungary so 
I thought I would check just out of curiousity.......and here I was back at a 
normal level..........I usually wait at least 3 hours to see what my sugar is 
after a correction, just because that is usually how long it takes for it to 
bring my sugar down, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had 
brought it down that fast........and my site is 2 days old (time to change it 
tomorrow morning).

Just thought I would share my shock with all of you.

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