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Re: [IP] Autoimmune Disorders

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From: Kim Chaloner <email @ redacted>

>Do any other Type 1 diabetics on this list have additional chronic
>autoimmune disorders?  I am curious about compounded immune system
>problems.  (Other conditions, for eg., could be MS, psoriasis, asthma,
>Crohne's disease, hemolytic anemia, autoimmune hepititas, Lupus, juvenile
>arthritis, etc.).

I'm Type Weird, not One, but I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is an
auto-immune attack on the thyroid gland, resulting in hypothyroidism.

I also have asthma, BUT that's NOT auto-immune -- it's an over-reaction of
the immune system to OUTSIDE agents, not self.

Auto-immune means when the body attacks itself, whereas in asthma, it's
attacking invading proteins with too much gusto!

So one way or another, my immune system is wacked out, but it's a
combination of problems, not just one!

Natalie ._c-
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