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Re: [IP] Mini-Med 508 buttons not responding

If its a problem with the pump, minimed will ship you a new one 
overnight.  You will not have to be without the pump.  You willjust have 
to program the new one with your basals.

So give them a call and let them know what is going on.  It is a 24 hour 
response line to call.

meg teg wrote:

>--- email @ redacted wrote:
>><< Has anyone had a problem with the MM 508 where
>>the buttons won't respond? 
>I seem to be having problems with the light
>button(bottom right button).  Since I don't use it
>much it hasn't really been a problem.  If I over bolus
>and what to go back then I have to hit it a couple
>times. And the light comes on fially after a few
>presses. I guess I should call minimed and talk to
>someone.  You sure do get a little attached and would
>hate to have to go thru the hassle of changing pumps.
>anyone else experiencing this??? peg
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