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[IP] Doctor's Visit

Met with endo today. My a1c was 8 which was up from last time.

We talked for well over an hour pouring over my log and my b.g. read-outs
and she said that while I'm going through pre menopause, there isn't going
to be much that can help me stay stabilized as the hormones have a mind of
their own and mess up the b.g.

We have sort of agreed that when I see my b.g. start to stay low, to move
back my basals .1 across the board, lower my insulin sensitivity to 50 and
we are also going to try to lower my breakfast ratio from 1/15 to 1/13 as 3
1/2 hrs after I eat and bolus, my b.g. are starting to crash.

As far as pain in stomach area, she is giving me some pills to take before
each meal for a month.  If they don't work, she's sending me for the test
for gastioporosis (sp?)...

like that's gonna help any of this either!

So I won't be expecting many good a1c's until my body gets settled and who
knows how many years that will take???

I tell you, I kind of walked away from there feeling low cause you people
have no idea what it is go have b.g. at 30 or lower and your vision going
completely black on you or it going well over 400.

Oh, another thing, the fat issue.  I told her that the square wave or dual
wave doesn't seem to work as it slowly delivers insulin over a period of
time and that if the pump would be able to deliver some insulin now and some
insulin several hours down the road, it would work better.

She said the pump isn't perfect and all we can do is try as best we can.

That's it for now folks!!!

Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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