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[IP] airport security and traveling

Our local diabetes association newsletter just printed an article about
airport security and traveling, and the following recommendations (based on
FAA requirements for traveling within the united states) were made:
1. for a passenger to board with syringes or insulin delivery systems a vial
of insulin with a professional, pharmaceutical pre-printed label must be
presented (ie do not discard the insulin box)
2. boarding with lancets is acceptable as long as the lancets are capped and
the glucometer has the manufacturer's name embossed on the meter
3. keep glucagon kits intact in original pre-printed pharmacetically labeled
plastic container.
4.because of forgery concerns, prescriptions and letters of medical
necessity will not be accepted.
5.FAA security measures apply within the United States only.  Passengers
should consult their individual air carrier for both domestic and
international travel regulations.  Policies are subject to change.  Each
airline carrier may have other requirements (the above are minimum
requirements), thus passengers are urged to call the airline at least one
day in advance of scheduled flight to confirm the airline's policy with
regard to diabetes medication and supplies.

...sorry if this is a repeat, I'm not sure I posted it correctly yesterday
> Thanks for the tip!  I was wondering what I should do when traveling
> from Atlanta to NYC next month.  We will just arrive at the airport
> early.
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