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[IP] another great doc

Over the years and probably dozens of -ologists in my life, I came to the
conclusions doctors are human beings with degrees. Some I have not liked (AT
ALL!) and some are wonderful. I have another new one in my life and I really
like him. I saw 5 ophthalmologists (and left some of their offices bawling)
before I found a very good one who could handle me. Well, after about 10
years, he left *me* and decided doing Lasik surgery exclusively was more
lucrative. :((( One brief visit I had with anothere one when I had ptosis
repairs by 2nd ophth, is the one I chose to continue  my care with. I just
left his office. I cannot stand that pressure thingy on my eyes and he told
me not to worry, some people can't handle it and did it an alternate way. He
gave me a very good vision report - 20/20 with correction, 20/25 without
(after 6 eye surgeries). I've gotta have something going for me! ;) He said
I'm good for a year. Hope that's a money-back guarantee. (~_^)

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