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[IP] Re - Cortisone and High blood sugars

] Re: Has anyone had high blood sugars caused by

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Cortisone can cause extremely high blood sugars
depending on person's sensitivity and dose of steroid.
 In fact, some people on chronic cortisone therapy end
up with something called "steroid induced diabetes." 
Cortisone is a hormone naturally synthesized by the
kidney's and is used by the body to fight
inflammation.  Sometimes that is not enough and the
doctor will prescribe additional cortisone over what
the body produces.  It is called a "gluco-corticoid"
and is connected with the "fight or flight" nervous
system - it causes your liver to release glucose into
the blood stream - hence high blood sugars!!  Your
endo needs to know you are taking cortisone and your
basal insulin needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Pat (pumped!!!)

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