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[IP] Pump Problems

This is what has happened:
I was giving my self a bolus and the pump kept going blank and then all the 
segments of the screen would flash then the VER60I would show up then the 
time screen! just like when you take out the batteries and put new ones in.  
I finally got it to give me the bolus. Then later in the day it started 
happening again, and sometimes even when I wasnt pressing buttons. So I 
called MM and they went thru some trouble shooting and determined that I 
needed a replacement pump and they are gonna fix mine, They gave me the 
option of keeping the loaner or getting mine back. The loaner will be the 
same model and color as mine but I think I want mine back after it is fixed. 
They said it would take at least 8 weeks before I get mine back. I know it 
was a simple question but I wasn't sure when he asked me ,but now that I 
have thought about it I want mine back. By the way i have gone thru 3 sets 
of batteries since yesterday. I thought that was the problem to begin with 
but even after changing them twice yesterday it still isn't right and then 
today I got a low Battery alarm and had to change them again.

The last tracking of the pumpwas when it left Indiana this morning @ 05:38 
Indiana time and is enroute to my house (I am in Germany) via FEDEX. I am 
going crazy. I  had to go to the DR and get a Rx for syringes and I had to 
give my self a shot for dinner tonite. :( I could not get the pump to give 
me a bolus so I am not gonna try the boluses anymore and just let it give me 
the Basal rate and I will take boluses via syringe. MDI SUCKS!!!!

Sorry I just needed to tell someone and I knew you gus wouldn't mind 

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