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Re: [IP] Personality hang ups???

Kathy and all,
I agree. Of the 24 e-mails on NSAID, Advil...
only 1 tried to be funny, or insulting or nitt picking. Below is part of the e-mail:
"Are you kidding us or what, eddie ... read the labels.." To this day I have not been able to translate into a supportive and informative
Thanks to Kathy for raising the subject.
-----Original Message-----
Subject: [IP] Personality hang ups???
> I'm going through these posts and I seem to see more and more nasty and
> sarcastic comments throughout!  What gives?
> This is supposed to be a friendly, supportive group and there are people who
> get their hair standing up on edge and extremely defensive
> I really don't think any of it is necessary nor it is necessary to go
> bashing things around and around and around with messages back and forth.
>  Everyone is entitled to express their feelings and each person has different
> goals in life in handling their D...so please just try to remember that when
> posting in the future.
> It gets very discouraging to see sarcastic and snide remarks being passed
> back and forth!
>> We are all in the same boat and need to stay afloat!!!
>> Let's make peace please!!!
>> Hugs to all
> Kathy B.


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