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Re: [IP] Problems with Sil-Serter (tm)

In a message dated 1/24/02 12:28:22 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< At 04:51 AM 1/24/02 +0000, dalgal wrote:
  >Is this normal and is it normal for someone to experience significantly
  >higher blood sugars when using a Sil-Serter?
 I don't, know and, personally, I don't want to find out.  I got a SilSerter 
 for free in my last box of sets and the darn thing scares the bejeezus out 
 of me.  I hate to think of that L-O-N-G introducer needle going in so 
 When I do it by hand it's slow enough that I can feel any pain that occurs 
 and steer clear of the problem, usually. >>

I'm with Liz. I'd rather put one of those puppies in by hand. That way I can 
kind of move it around, poking myself gently, until I find a place that isn't 
sensitive. I've never felt a Sil going in.

Jan and Elvis
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