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Re: [IP] Child's behavior:when to know?

Rachel is only 4 and really doesn't understand or feel highs and lows yet, 
so I have referred to her Freestyle as the BRAT-O-METER.  If the number is 
good, she's being a brat.  If its high or low we treat that and then IF the 
attitude doesn't change we change it for her!  But I NEVER punish for 
behavior if high or low.  As I do not hab\ve D and don't know what it is 
like.  But we always try to test if she is "out of character"

Mom to Rachel, 4

At 01:40 AM 1/17/02 -0500, you wrote:

>So, ALL of you, give me insight.  Is there an answer to this, is it 'wise' to
>always just want to check BGs when in doubt?  Is that sending Josh a signal
>about attitudes and D.  ?  I want to be able to do the right thing to help my
>son grow and learn and understand, but I do stuggle with this!
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