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[IP] Personality hang ups???

Hey Pumpers,

I'm going through these posts and I seem to see more and more nasty and
sarcastic comments throughout!  What gives?

This is supposed to be a friendly, supportive group and there are people who
get their hair standing up on edge and extremely defensive

I really don't think any of it is necessary nor it is necessary to go
bashing things around and around and around with messages back and forth.

Everyone is entitled to express their feelings and each person has different
goals in life in handling their D...so please just try to remember that when
posting in the future.

It gets very discouraging to see sarcastic and snide remarks being passed
back and forth!

We are all in the same boat and need to stay afloat!!!

Let's make peace please!!!

Hugs to all
Kathy B.
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