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[IP] re: talking diabetes with kids


i have a 2 1/2 year old son, who used to see me take shots, and now i'm on
the pump.  i used to tell him with the shots that daddy has to take medicine
so i don't get sick. and now with the pump, he knows that "the pump puts
medicine in daddy's belly".  he's fascinated with it, and sometimes even
sticks a toy in his waistband as "his pump".  i will let him touch the pump,
as he just puts a finger on it, but he knows he does not touch the tubing.
after i program a bolus, i sometimes let him push the activate button, and
he loves the fact that he made it beep.  the longer i've had it, the less
interested he seems. i always wear mine out, either on a clip or a case.  he
knows that daddy has "diabetes" and takes "insulin", although he doesn't
understand it, of course.  i do use the word sick with him, but carefully.
i tell him that sometimes daddy needs a candy bar so i don't get sick, but
sometimes a candy bar will make me sick. i tell him it's very confusing, and
he doesn't ask anything further.  i also let him push the button on my
lancet when i'm testing. occasionally i give him a test, as a precaution,
and as a source of fascination for him, which he really enjoys.  i know that
my little guy is older than your baby, and at a different level of
understanding, but that's how i do it.  good luck.

tom, daddy of christian
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