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Re: [IP] Sugarless Chocolate: Taste Test

> Lyndy,
> I did an experiment to see whether or not my diabetic control went out. I
chose a vendor that the number one 1  out of 18 in taste test reported in
Consumer Report, Feb,2002, p. 12. They used maltitol as the sweetener( not
to require insulin ).
> Time     BS     Activity
> 1:16 pm  196 bs -ate 4 large serving chocolate
> 1:47 pm  218 bs -same as above
> 3:02 pm  169 bs
> 4:30 pm         - bathrm activity and gas
> 4:51 pm  184 bs
> 7:42 pm  210 bs
> 11:40 pm 192 bs
> I did the same the next day with 1/2 the chocolate with no gas and no
bathrm activity.
> It appears if this vendor did not adds lots of fat and carbos that might
disrupt diabetic control. This was excellent chocolate according to my wife.
I may have spent my chocolate money for the year except some people of our
mail group have told us about other good chocolates for more affordable
> Eddie

So is that conclusion consistent with the nutrition labeling?

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