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[IP] pumping in a shunted child

Does anyone have experience with using a pump where the person also has a VP
(ventricular peritonial) shunt?

I'm a dietitian working in a small clinic, and we've been referred a child
with a VP shunt for pump assessment.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Janet von Weiler


I have lots of experience with V-P shunts and have been pumping myself for the
past 2 years. Because of the danger of bacteremia from a pump site I would
caution against the use of a pump in diabetic children. especially if the
child is shunt dependant. it is easy to get a bacteremia from the pump which
might colonize the shunt hardware and result in the need to remove the vp
shunt since they are not easily rendered sterile with parenteral antibiotics.
As physicians have said thruout the years, First do no harm. Primum non
nocere!  no matter how careful you are a site infection can be deadly in this
kind of case. this is a lawsuit waiting to happen!!! spot
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