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Re: [IP] Tricare

We are also in Tricare Prime (WA state). We also had
an easy time getting a pump for our daughter 2+yrs
ago. They were so "for it" that they practically threw
one at us. :) It was maybe 2 days between the request
being put in and getting the approval. The pump
followed almost immediately. At that time we were told
that the cost-share of the pump depended on rank and
AD or R status. Active duty pays 10% (E-5 and below)
and 15% (E-6 and above). Retirees pay 20% (doesn't
make sense to me.) Those figures may not be exact but
are pretty close. We ended up paying around $750
(can't remember the exact number) for our share of our
daughter's pump (that cost-share/copay included the
pump and 1yr of supplies, I believe.) After that first
year we were charged a copay on supplies for at least
a few supply orders. They have since changed the rules
and now there is no longer a copay for the pump or
supplies (at least not for active duty). We will soon
be seeing "the other side" of things as my hubby
retires after 20yrs in Oct. Hoping to upgrade at that

John said:
I got my Minimed 508 through Tricare (Prime) about two
years ago. It was relatively easy, but Tricare did
charge me for my share.  (about $1000) I continue to
get supplies, again Tricare charges my share 20%.
I order supplies (and pump) through a third party
company. Not directly from Minimed.  Did this as it
was the way my Endo works with other patients.
I live in Florida.
If Tricare will provide at no charge, would certainly
like to get the information.


Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-11, dxT1 11/96, pumping 11/99 
founder - Military Families of Children with Diabetes 
[MFCWD] parent network of WA, diabetes & pump mentor, future
CDE, but most importantly, mom to 8 beautiful blessings :)

~*~Integrity is how you behave when no one is looking~*~

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