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Re: [IP] Endo's Attitude Animas Pump

In a message dated 1/22/2002 9:51:05 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Wow!  thanks for all the ino regarding Animas and particular features of  
>  Animas for very little ones, I appreciate your info.

You're welcome . . . Oh, and two things I forgot to mention (and I have no 
idea if MM & Dis pumps also have these features, but I do know that I like 
having them in my daughter's Animas pump):  You can program maximum limits 
for basal rates and boluses for your pump that are less than the pumps actual 
maximum bolus/basal amounts (and easily change those limits at any time as 
your child grows and changes).  

For example, I think Animas pump can do a maximum bolus of 25 units at one 
time -- which some people might need but that's practically a whole day's 
worth of insulin for my daughter.  We set her maximum bolus amount at 5 units 
on her pump -- so there's no way she could hold down her pump button and 
accidentally program a bolus for say 14 units when she really meant to do 1.4 
units.  I know one Animas mom with a preschool age daughter who set the 
maximum bolus at 1 unit . . . . And you can set a similar maximum on basal 
rates so that you don't accidentallly set a basal rate at 3.0 units per hour 
when you meant to do .30 units per hour . . . I have enough stuff to worry 
about, so things like this just make my life just a little less stressful . . 

Pumpmama to Katie (11, dx @9) happily pumping since 6-1-01 with her Animas 
pump "Elvis"
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