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Re: [IP] Re: not wearing the pump

I'm with you on this one.  Sometimes you just get tired of being attached to 
something.  And no matter what people say about nmot feeling anything, I can 
always feel the site in me.  Sometimes the boluses sting, sometimes the tape 
itches, sometimes the cannula itself is irritating, sometimes my tummy just 
needs to heal... whatever the reason, once every month or so I go off for 
2-4 days.  As long as you do your shots the right way, it's not going to 
hurt you.  Of course, toward the end I get sick of shots and I don't feel 
quite as good as I do when I'm on the pump...that's why I don't stay off 
permanently.  I just wish I could take a few days vacation from BOTH without 
getting sick.  I'm sure we'd all like to disconnect from dm every once in a 
while, eh? :)


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