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Re: [IP] Anyone use MM 508 with Rapids infusion sets?

--- catherine popper <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I'm having a hard time with my pump and getting
> mysterious "no delivery" messages. My MM rep thinks
> that the Rapids possibly might not be %100 compatible
> with the MM reservoir (even though the combination
> works well most of the time - troubleshooting is a
> b**ch). Anyway, just wondering if anyone uses this
> combo with success.
> Thanks,
> Catherine

I use Rapids with a 508 often.  If I need a needle instead of a
cannula, it is my needle of choice.  I have never had one cause
problems.  In fact, I like the way they fill up better during
priming--hardly ever get bubbles with them.  The Disetronic people have
always been courteous and never dis MM even though I have never used
anything but their infusion sets.  

The only problem I have ever had was in getting the correct
size--depending on the amount of fat in the area of insertion.  I just
went through a bout with hives and put in a Rapid so I would be able to
tell if I pulled out the set.  I just can't tell with a cannula unless
my numbers rise and I didn't want to take a chance while I was ill.


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