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Re: [IP] Talking about Diabetes with kids

My daughter is now 2,  and questions everthing I dod related to my diabetes: 
blood tests, changing infusion sets, etc...

I have made it a point to include her in most aspects of it.  She loves 
"poking Daddy's finger", holding infusion set tape for me, pushing the 
inserter button, etc. When I get low, she is the first one to get to the 
fridge to get me some juice.  At times, when I get lazy about testing,  she 
reminds me that she hasn't poked my finger lately. Thus,  off we go to do a 

I believe she is still a little young to understand the aspects of the 
disease, but if I include her in it, she will be more comfortable with it in 
the years to come.


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