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[IP] Doctor telling you not to test so much/taking less insulin

> > the Dr. said to stop checking so much as it was
> making me a 
> > nervous, depressed diabetic. 

I do 
> think that sometimes we can try to hard to over
> correct everything and that 
> can cause more problems.  

I'm going through this. I was checking almost hourly
and it was driving me nuts. This is the first week
where I feel like I'm not obsessing quite as much,
though I still fidget until the "allotted" time I've
given myself to test (unless I feel low). I'm finding
that my control is much better this way - no futzing
with one-hour post-prandials (still working on leaving
two-hours alone), and just generally keeping from
flooding my system with correction upon correction
bolus. I'm also remembering that eating low-carb meals
work great for me. I ate at this restaurant where
everything is raw, even the rice, and I took so little
insulin for my dinner (mostly veggies). It was the
first time in so long that I was at 130 all night. 
Anyway, just needed to muse on that.

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